WebField ECS-100 control system integrates the latest fieldbus technology, embedded software technology, advanced control technology and network technology. It has realized compatibility with several buses and integration with other systems. Various DCS, PLC and the field intelligent devices can access the ECS-100 system to share process control information . The system network is composed of an I/O bus, a control network, an operation network and an information management network. On a basis of network strategy and data grouping, the operation network adopts the peer-to-peer C/S structure to achieve real-time data, alarms, event sharing and historical trends, historical alarms and log retrieval amongoperation nodes. ECS-100 system's capacity is up to 63 pairs of redundant control stations and 72 operation nodes. The amount of the control station depends on the I/O scale. The amount of the operation nodes corresponds to different requirements of users. The control cycle of ECS-100 control system is 50ms at shortest. Each control station can handle 192 control loops at most and can be configured with 8 I/O stations at most. And each I/O station can configure with 16 various I/O modules at most. The I/O capacity of the ECS-100 control system can reach to 20,000 tags. Historical database capacity is up to 20,000 tags, and it can keep them for six months. Control station is the core unit directly related to the field I/O data sampling, information transmission and operation to realize the real-time industrial process control. By different software and hardware configuration, it can realize different functions, such as process control station, logic control station and data acquisition station. The main controller is the core of control station, and it expands various functions by high-speed data network --SBUS to achieve signal conditioning and data acquisition, loop control, sequence control, optimize control and various control algorithms. The control station is mostly composed of cabinets, racks, power supply modules, terminal boards and various modules (including the main controllers, data transmission modules and input/output modules). The main controller uses 32-bit ARM processing chips to achieve superior performance and fast computation speed. AdvanTrol-Pro software package is an automation application software platform based on the Windows 2000/XP operating system. It achieves system configuration, data service and real-time monitoring in the WebField series control system of SUPCON. Operation nodes are the human machine interface of the control system, including engineer stations, operator stations, data management stations and server stations. When installed system software, it can be chosen to install the engineer station or operator station. The setting of network strategy was determined by the work role and style of the operation nodes. In ECS-100 system, an operation node may be set as common mode or C/S mode according to the actual situation by choosing the corresponding network strategy. In the common mode, all operation nodes are set as engineer stations or operator stations, and the network strategy is set as "local", the operation nodes communicate directly with control stations via the control network. In C/S mode, the "client" operation nodes communicate with the server via operation network. The real-time data on the control stations as a server transmits to the "client" nodes. An engineer station or operator station may be set as a server according to different network strategies in ECS-100 system. Data station may be configured and also be on another operation node. By setting network strategy, data station can be configured as external data source to provide data for other operation nodes to realize data sharing on the operation network.


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